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Does your home make them go “WOW” ?

As Realtors in Columbus, Ga., we have been inside a lot of homes and we know WOW factors when our clients see them. The problem is that sometimes they are good WOW factors and sometimes they are bad. As a seller, you need to know your WOW factors and what to do with them. So, it all boils down to the old saying: “Accent the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. Inbetween”.


Step One: Invite an honest friend or relative to meet you at the street in front of your home. Have a pen and notepad ready for each of you. Then draw a line down the middle of the first page and at the top lefthand side, write “Negatives” and on the righthand side write “Positives”. Now start walking toward your front door and write down what you see in the appropriate column. For Example: Negative column: bushes need trimming, front door needs paint, take down that tacky wreath, remove the twinkle lights from last Christmas. Positive column: Clean sidewalk to entry, freshly painted mailbox, well kept lawn, inviting appearance from street, I want to see inside.

Step Two: Open the front door and step in. Now flip to the second sheet of paper in your notepad and write down your immediate reaction to the home. Was it a positive or a negative? For example: Negative WOW: bad smell, too dark and gloomy, too much clutter, could they hang any more things on the walls? I’ve seen enough, let’s get outta here. Positive WOW: nice smell, light and open feeling, roomy, spacious, not too many nail holes, my furniture could fit in here, can’t wait to see the other rooms.

Step Three: Eliminate the Negatives. Next, walk thru the entire house writing down the positives and negatives. Then compare your negative list with your friend/relative’s list. Discuss ways you could begin to eliminate the negatives immediately. For example: Bad smell? Locate the source and get it corrected. Animals? Old carpets? Smoking in the home? Another example: Too dark and gloomy? Paint a brighter color, remove or change window treatments, add a brighter light fixture.

Step Four: Accent the Positives! This is the fun part! So, compare your positive lists now and think about ways you can make these into even greater WOW factors! For example: Spacious and roomy? remove some unnecessary furniture to make the rooms look even more spacious. Light and open? remove or open draperies and blinds to let in more sunlight. Lots of windows? make sure they are super clean and sparkling. Lots of cabinets and counter space in kitchen? remove all small appliances and knick knacks from counters to show off the space even more. Just remember that sometimes less is more when showing off your home! Buyers need to be able to imagine their stuff in your house and not be overwhelmed by all your stuff.

Step Five: List your home with an experienced and professional team of Realtors, the McLain & Batson Team! Because we are highly recommended by our past clients and ready to help you sell your home! Enjoy showing off your “model home” to prospective buyers! Be prepared to hear a lot of WOWs! Good luck and happy selling!